Tina is absolutely amazing! She is truly a committed and dedicated hard worker. Her time management abilities are truly impressive. The skills she possess are just mind blowing. She is not only talented in what she does but how she does it. Very few people are as kind, patient, open minded, and as willing to help as she is. There is almost this magical way about her in how she approaches a project. She will take on any project you hand her and turn it into something more than you could have ever imagined. Then she will turn right round and show you how to get there yourself. The way she gives guidance and instruction is so encouraging she makes you feel like you can take on the world. I have been blessed and fortunate to have worked with Tina and even more so now to be able to call her a friend. There is nothing bad to say about her and I would recommended her over and over again.

Megan Horton

Tina Floyd is a significant contributor to our spiritual care work at Terrell State Hospital. It's a blessing to see how her web design has added value to our program as a whole. We had planned for a long while to set up a website but the resources were not available. When we met Tina she willingly offered her gifts and expertise in setting it up for us.
The concept of spiritual care is a unfamiliar one for many, not to mention the stigma of mental health. Tina's capacity to learn and engage collaboratively about this concept provided her with the insight to move from concept to design. Her web design shows that she is truly an artist, and authentic.
The colors, forms, pictures and the layout found in her design speaks to her ability to contextualize and interpret. That's a gift. Thank you Tina for your time and dedication. We appreciate you.

Rev. Sam Naidoo

Tina Floyd has done an outstanding job with establishing our initial website, and, over time, providing leadership for its transition over two new platforms. She works well with customers, and I heartily recommend her work.

The Rev. Dr. David Petrash

Tina is a very caring person and a highly qualified computer specialist. Tina has donated her computer skills and experience to her local church in designing and establishing a Web site. She has also designed a Web site for our Clinical Pastoral Education training program at Terrell State Hospital. I am very happy to recommend Tina to any organization as an outstanding computer expert. Her skills as a professional and her caring spirit as a person is a combination that is not usually available in this day and time.

David E. Stine, Chaplain
Director, Pastoral Care and Counseling
Terrell State Hospital